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The Machine Warehouse Listing:  1997 Homag KLO 78 A20 S2
TMW Machine: #516

Manufacturer: Homag

Model: KLO 78 A20 S2

YMFG: 1997

Voltage: 480V 60Hz 3Ph

Condition: Good Condition

Price: $ 59,950

Location: Westcoast
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Pre-Mill Adjustable Infeed Fence, Jointing Trimming Unit, Panel Pre-Heating, QA 34 Quck Melt Gluing unit, Glue Roller Drive, Clamping Device for Glue Pot, Glue container Back-Off, Multi-Purpose Magazine, Magazine Height Adjustment, Clipping Unit, Pressure Zone for Gluing Section Type C, Snipping Unit HL 05, Adjustment Chamfer, Straight, Flush Triming Unit, Bevel Trimming Unit, Quick Disconnect Electrical Plugs, Profile Trimming Unit, FF 12, Open Space, Noise Reduction Enclosure, Profile Scraping Unit, Edge Buffing Unit with Oscillation, Homatic Electronic Control, (PLC ), NC 16 Opeator Interface, width of work piece min. 55 mm height of work piece min-max 12-60 mm edge thickness min. max. 0,4-20 mm feed m/min. 18-24 m/min feed infinitely variable yes work piece overhang 30 mm stop side left attaching 1 Anzahl pro Seite glue indication glue roller gluing aggregate hot melt glue edge magazin roller 2 mm edge magazin strips yes edge magazin massive 20 mm pressure zone straight snipping FASE-GERAD flush milling 1 Anzahl pro Seite profile trimming / copying (2 motors) 1 Anzahl pro Seite straight edge sanding 1 Anzahl pro Seite profile sliding blade bottom 1 Anzahl pro Seite flat sliding blade top/bottom 1 Anzahl pro Seite buffing aggregate top/bottom 1 Anzahl pro Seite height adjustment electronically electronic control yes connection 400/50 Volt / Hz length 9300 mm width 1500 mm height 2000 mm return conveyor avaiable, add $7500.00 to price.
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