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The Machine Warehouse Listing:  2000 IMA HKA
TMW Machine: #184

Manufacturer: IMA

Model: HKA

YMFG: 2000

Voltage: 460V 60Hz 3Ph

Condition: Cleaned & Checked

Price: $ 14,900

Location: Northeast
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Designed for straight or curved (contour) edgebanding with 0.5 - 3mm edgebanding thickness • 16 - 45mm panel & banding height • 23 - 45mm min. strip width • 100mm min. panel width • 250mm min. strip length. Features: 0.5 liter cap. "floating worktable" head/glue pot unit (hot melt) • guillotine knife for PVC material (within floating head) internal / external radii. Process: Floating edgebanding head is clamped to panel to be processed • Pre-cut strip of edgebanding material is fed into glue head • Operator guides head around workpiece • Glue is directly applied to pre-cut strip of edgebanding material up to end of strip. Equipped with: Electrics supplied via overhead "JIB/Boon" mechanism allowing operator to freely move around workpiece • Side mounted coil plate for easy access to edgebanding material. Versatile glue head can be fixed to (1) side of table to allow operator to manually manipulate smaller pieces • During "fixed" mounted operation • Coil material is drawn in automatically to infeed section of machine. 32" (800mm) dia. coil dispensing table • Large worktable surface (approx. 36" x 36") • Preselection counter for edgebanding material • (5) vacuum pads 150mm x 150mm ea. • (1) vacuum pump 6 cbm/Hr cap. • (1) Pre-heating unit 600 Watts for pre-heating of PVC/ABS edges. Complete with: Thermo-control for glue temperature • Foot pedal control to initiate automatic cycle • Used guillotine knife (mounted on Edgebander). 480V; 60Cy; 3Ph Edgeband thickness 0.4 - 3mm
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