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The Machine Warehouse Listing:  2006 Giben X3000 H115 SPT
TMW Machine: #176

Manufacturer: Giben

Model: X3000 H115 SPT

YMFG: 2006

Voltage: 480V 60Hz 3Ph

Condition: Very Good Condition

Price: $ 69,900

Location: Eastern Canada
Preview Pic: 000001069


PM SYSTEM Grippers (a Giben Patent). The two (2) fully programmable grippers make the panel saw suitable to work with panels or groups of strips of various sizes. The grippers, have been made adaptable to different formats. Different dimensions of panels or groups of strips can be accommodated. The grippers have been conceived as robotized devices and are controllable in their movement along the width of the pusher (X axis). The grippers are designed to be fully floating to eliminate undesired stresses being transmitted to the material. Unlike conventional multiple pusher systems where the pushing points are in a fixed position, the "Giben PM System" (a Giben Patent) is extremely flexible and has almost no limitations on the type of cutting pattern to be executed. This because the clamp positions itself in the “X” axis to clamp and process multiple strip widths in a single cross cut sequence. This means that you can optimise virtually without limitation because the system provides greater freedom to execute complex cutting patterns while reducing comparative cycles and maintaining high yield. -Gripper width 190 mm (7.4 inches) Equipped with 2 top pressure fingers and 4 bottom retractable fingers. -Minimum strip width to be clamped 55 mm (2.1 inches) -The "X" movement assures the required flexibility by enabling the clamp to position wherever required along the “X” axis. Solving the age-old problem of the clamps damaging the corners of the strips. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS -Maximum cutting length: 4500 mm (177.2") -Working table height: 950 mm (37.4") -Maximum saw blade projection: 115 mm (4.5") -Maximum grippers opening: 117 mm (4.6") -Main saw motor: 18 kW (25 HP) -Blade diameter: 430 mm -Hub diameter: 75 mm -Scoring saw motor: 2.65 kW (3.5 HP) -Blade diameter: 215 mm -Hub diameter: 50 mm -Feed speed from 1 to 170 m/min. (3 to 557 ft/min.) -Return speed 170 m/min. (557 ft/min.) -Squaring aligner stroke 70 to 2200 mm (2.8 to 86.6") -Minimum width of strip that can be aligned 70 mm (2.8 inches) LIFT TABLE IN-FEED -Size of the lift table conveyor: 4500 x 2200 mm (177.2 x 86.6") -Lift motor: 3.6 kW (5 HP) -Lifting / lowering speed: 1.4 m/min -Minimum material thickness to be loaded: 10 mm (.39 in.) PUSHER -Feed speed from 1 to 90 m/min. (3 to 295 ft/min.) -Return speed 90 m/min. (295 ft/min.) -Overall stroke: 5290 mm (17.3 ft) -Length of support table under pusher 3090 mm (10.1 ft) -Support roller modules in pusher area Fifteen (15) FRONT SUPPORT TABLES -Air flotation tables: 5 tables 2000 x 510 (78.7 x 20 in.) -Air generator One (1) -Air generator power 2.6 kW (3.5 HP) ADDITIONAL FEATURES -Ammeter for main saw motor -Remote scoring adjustment -One (1) rear infeed roller conveyor -Increased lift table capacity to 800mm for rear loading. -Giben G-Drive RT controller
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