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The Machine Warehouse (TMW) offers many services to better assist you with your company and future. If you are looking for advice, consulting, equipment relocations, parts, training or financing. We are here to help you and your growth!


    We have been in the business for over 16 years from producing product, running operations and helping our clients with their existing equipment and operations. We can offer this expertise to assist you with your goals and needs.

Installation & Relocating Equipment

    The Machine Warehouse has the experience to assist you installing or relocating your equipment. We have years of experience in moving equipment across a building, or across the country. Talk to us to see how we can assist you.
    The Machine Warehouse Equipment Relocation and Installation

Service & Repair

    Whether your machine is down or you are looking to increase your efficiency and production. We are able to assist you to keep you running. Our service engineers are able to diagnose your equipment and repair it as needed.

    If you are looking at improving your process and production. We are able to assist you with modifying your equipment for your needs. We will help customize your equipment to fit your needs and production. Contact us to help design, assembly, and installation of your customized modifications.

    The Machine Warehouse Service and Repair


    The Machine Warehouse is able to supply parts for most brands of equipment. Visit our parts page to learn more about what we have to offer in OEM and aftermarket parts.

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    A more informed employee is a greater asset to reduce downtime and increase efficiency!

    Contact us to see how we can help you and your employees with better knowledge of european woodworking equipment. We can offer basic machine operation training, equipment repair, or preventative maintenance on your existing equipment.

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